Shining the Light on Assisted Suicide

Originally made to educate people on the Maryland's proposed Physician Assisted Suicide (PAS) legislation, this documentary covers many of the pitfalls and dangers of legalizing PAS. Click the video below to watch the full documentary.  After watching the video, please scroll down to see how you can help educate the public on the dangers of PAS.

we need to educate the public

The Truth on Assisted Suicide

Supporters of Physician Assisted Suicide portray it as a "compassionate" and "caring" end of life "option." In reality, PAS preys on the weak and vulnerable in our society, forcing elderly and critically ill patients to evaluate the worth of their life at a time when they are in most need of true compassion.  

The Public Needs to Know

Because supporters of PAS have been so successful in branding it as a compassionate initiative, many people are unaware of the many dangers assisted suicide legislation poses to the weak and vulnerable in our society.  It is vitally important we join with Disability Rights and Patients Advocacy Groups to educate the general population.

We Need You!

If you want to help spread awareness of the real dangers of PAS poses to the poor, the elderly, the disabled and the mentally ill, go to our "Get Involved" page.

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