Physician Assisted Suicide Informational Brochures

Click on the download button below to download pdf brochures that discuss the perils and pitfalls of legalizing Physician Assisted Suicide.

Who Opposes PAS (pdf)


Fact Check (pdf)


PAS Effects Evreybody (pdf)


Editable publicity flier

Use the button below to download an editable version of our publicity flier.  The Dignity Mandate provides this template with authorization to reproduce but request that you do not include the names or logos of other organizations on the flier without receiving their permission to do so.

Publicity Flier (docx)


Download "Shining the Light on physician assisted suicide"

When showing the documentary in public it is best to have a local copy of the video to avoid problems with streaming video over the internet.  You can click the button below to access the download site for the video.  The file requires 1.2 GB of disk space.

Files coming soon.