About Us


Our Mission

As technology and the power of personal choice shape our society at a pace never seen in the history of man, we need to be careful that progress does not come at the price of human dignity.

We believe that every person, regardless of race, creed, gender or ethnicity, has an innate, human dignity.  The Dignity Mandate exists to educate the public on social issues that could threaten human dignity. 



Our principle issue at this time is opposing Physician Assisted Suicide (frequently called Aid in Dying or Death with Dignity) and educating the public about the dangers of legalizing his practice.  We are motivated by concern for the most vulnerable in society, for whom enactment of this policy would be most harmful.  Help us join with disability rights groups, medical professional societies and patient's rights groups to oppose the assisted suicide movement.

As our organization mature, we will expand to cover other issues that threaten human dignity in the name of progress.